Who We Are

Who we are

A company specialized in making modern, high-quality dental/medical displays.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide healthcare professionals with specialty dental displays that can help them be a PRO, and do more for their practice and patients.

Who we can help

Since our founding in 2001, Exorvision has served countless healthcare professionals, equipment dealers, and dental schools.

What differentiates us

DENclarity – an innovative and high quality dental display which accounts for every detail in the operatory. Unique features include:

  • High-lumen screen – 440 cd/m2 vs 250 cd/m2 (consumer monitor)
  • Watertight screen – for easy cleaning with disinfectant
  • Low voltage – complies with electrical and safety codes
  • HD TV option – for patient comfort and promoting positive patience experiences
  • Remote control – convenient switching between dual monitors

Giving back

Beyond producing quality monitors, Exorvision also takes an active part in its community. They donate monitors to Interconnection, Inc.; a company dedicated to making technology and information accessible to under served communities around the nation.

Special offer

$100 OFF

of each monitor for a limited time


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