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Quick Assessment

  • Check all connections
  • Swap the malfunctioning monitor with a known good monitor. If the issue persists, then the problem lies elsewhere, not in the monitor. If the known, good monitor works, the malfunctioning monitor may be the issue.

Watch our troubleshooting video here.

1. Display Screen: No image, or no power

Cause: Wiring, power supply, panel


  • Swap the malfunctioning monitor with a known good monitor, if the issue persistent, then the problem lies elsewhere, not the monitor.
  • Swap out the defective power supply with a known good power supply, if the issue persistent the problem could be panel
  • When the panel is malfunctioning the monitor need to be replaced.

2. Audio: No sound or fuzzy distorted sound

Cause: Fuzzy sound or no sound


  • If a fuzzy sound comes from the headset, replace it with a high-quality headset.
  • If the fuzzy sound comes from the monitor or there is no sound, the audio board may need to be adjusted or replaced.

3. TV: No image or distorted image

Cause: Failure to scan the cable or satellite, or bad TV signal


  • Check the VGA and HDMI modes. If images shows up in these modes, then it’s a TV reception issue.
  • Make sure the TV reception is not an issue, if it is, wait until TV reception is restored.
  • Scan TV or re-scan the TV.

4. Dual Monitors: One of the monitors does not have an image

Cause: Failure to set up dual monitors in PC, or failure to set up Exorvision monitor FIRST


  • Unplug PC and monitor from all power source and connections.
  • Connect the PC to the power source, then connect the PC with Exorvision monitor FIRST
  • Then turn on the power. Lastly, connect PC to the other monitor. In that sequence.

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