DENclarity Dental Monitor

The Operatory Monitor Created for Dentists

Crafted to perfection

Low voltage. Higher brightness. More powerful.

5 Essential Benefits of Dental Displays


Patient safety is regulated by NEC70(National Electric Code). The NEC70 is the standard that regulate electrical work in healthcare facilities including dental treatment room. DENclarity uses low voltage display that complies with electrical code regulations. NEC70 Article 525.


Unlike other monitors which get a yellow tint from trapped moisture, the watertight DENclarity screen can be easily cleaned with disinfectants for a clear and sanitary surface.

Higher Brightness

DENclarity monitors have a lumen level of 440 cd/m2 . The higher brightness allows you to see X-ray more clearly and make more accurate diagnoses. Consumer monitors typically has 250 or 300 cd/ms, the dimmer screen may obscure the X-ray details.

Patient Comfort

Every monitor comes with a built-in TV option, so patients can relax during their appointment and watch a TV program. This can help reduce patients' anxiety and provide a more positive patient experience


With a remote control, you can easily transition between X-rays, patient chars, dual monitor screens, or a TV program for a seamless workflow.



Buy 1-5 Units

$ 650
  Per Unit

Buy 6-11 Units

$ 625
  Per Unit

Buy 12-23 Units

$ 590
 Per Unit

Buy 24-50 Units

$ 550
 Per Unit

Buy 51+ Units

$ ?
 Per Unit

Special offer

$100 OFF

of each monitor for a limited time


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